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Samuel West Page

Mansfield Park Theory


"I wanted to suggest something to your readers & perhaps generate some discussion, if there's a chance that there are some Jane Austen fans among them. The cast for Mansfield Park 2007 is not complete yet. As you may know, Sam West was impeccable as Mr. Elliot (heir presumptive) in Persuasion (1995 version) and had all the required gallantry but it was brilliantly (I thought) clouded with some hint of evil in him, as was confirmed later in the story. As for Mansfield Park, he's definitely not a Henry Crawford (he's too good-looking for that! Although the subtle evil side would work) and may be a little too "old" for younger Edmund, but perhaps he could be Tom Bertram- let's just have him in the Mansfield Park movie! Use what influence you have, maybe the producers will take notice!"



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