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Samuel West Page

Stiff Upper Lips

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Stiff Upper Lips 98


A film that takes the mickey out of all the Merchant Ivory type film which funnily enough made Sam’s career.


Pre Raphelit haired, tight corset wearing Emily is being set up with tight lipped eye raising Cedric by her brother, stupid and toffish Edward and her bossy 'Aunt Agnes with the withering look.'


When their clever butler Frank Findlay demands a holiday and Sean Pertwee, saves Emily from the river -he becomes their butler and

they go on a trip around the world (taking their lawn with them). They visit a rather horny Horace (Peter Ustinov) in India, be far too dramatic in Italy and finally return home so Emily can marry the impoverished George and live happily ever after – utter nonsense, but raises a smile.


The Problem with this film is that I really like Merchant Ivory films and don’t think it’s worth mocking them. Anyone who gets the jokes will have to have seen merchant ivory and be on a higher intellectual level that spoof’s operate on.


Sam’s lovely though. His stupidest character ever I should think, and there are some very sweet scenes between him and his bears and his real life mum. Also in his striped pyjamas!

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