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The dance of Shiva

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The Dance of Shiva


The dance of Shiva is a very interesting piece. It’s a 25 minute film. Written by Joseph Miller directed and produced by Jamie Payne

Over 500,000 Indian soldiers fought for the British Empire in WW1 and the film is inspired by actual events.


This really is a great short film. The music is extremely emotive and it draws attention to something I never really knew. And I don’t know how many people did know that 500,000 Indian soldiers did fight for the British Empire.


The Dance of Shiva, is the model of one of the Hindu Gods, Shiva. He danced the world into creation and tramples the dwarf of ignorance as Sgt Bakshi (Sanjeev Bhaskar) explains to the padre (Paul McGann)


Sam’s (Lt Davis) character is a bit of a toff and very scared of inspecting the trenches. Bakshi witnesses the extreme cowardice of him. Then there is a gas attack. Sam doesn’t have a mask. Bakshi dips a rag in urine and cover his mouth. He thinks they’re trying to kill him but the ammonia stops the gas. Sam doesn’t understand and wants to kill him!


For the rest of the film, he sits in the corner shaking, covered in mud.


The Indian troop win over the German trench in a very clever scheme set up by Bakshi, in order to prove to the British that they can be as worthy fighters as them.

Also stars…

Kenneth Brannagh and Julian Glover

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