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Samuel West Page

Waking The Dead



Actually not a bad episode of the BBC1 drama. Waking the dead is about the cold case squad. Boyd (Trevor Eve), Grace foley (sue Jonston) Spence Mel (Claire Goose) and Frankie (Holly Aird). This episode is about the murders of several women from 1985 onwards. Dr Clare Delaney was the only one abducted and let free by Thomas Rice who is now behind bars. She also was the only one who wasn't a prostitute.

Thomas Rice, is known as the gambler. He sent a pack of cards to the police, they had to cut the pack - print the card and see if the girl was let free. It was the Queen of Hearts that saved Clare Delaney and that card is planted on Clare's windscreen one stormy night. Strangely only Thomas, the police and Clare - knew that that was the significant card.


It's a good plot, all about trying to find one thing out but having to go through so many other things to find it. Great performaces from the guest cast - Susannah Harker, -- and of course Sam at his most terrifying. In the review for Stiff Upper Lips, i said Edward couldn't be any stupider - well Thomas couldn't be any cleverer and manipulative of every single person he meets. The cons and the officers alike.


Sam is superb - I mean, we all know he is but finally a part on TV he can really get his teeth into and steal the show! He's superbly manipulative, and very real. they repeat the show on UK Gold quite a lot. Find it and watch it - you won't regret it. Though it may make you a little wary of Sam, as his Thomas is a very credible murderer.

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