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The Vacilliations of Poppy Carew

The vacilliations of Poppy Carew

This is one of the oddest bits of TV i've ever seen. Poppy Carew (Tara Fitzgerald) dumps her boyfriend (Owen Teale) and goes to see her father who promptly dies - leaving her with information about how he wants his funeral to be directed by Furnival's Fun Funerals. Which is actually Furnivals Fine Funerals (it was just a typo!) but she sticks with them, mainly because Fergus (Edward Atterton) and his friend Victor (Sam) are ever so kind to her. At the funeral Willie (Joseph Fiennes) sees and falls in love with her.

The Problems with Poppy's Vacilliations (changes in opinion) is that she doesn't really vacilliate. She dumps her bloke, kisses Fergus and Victor, is then kidnapped by her ex and rescued by Willie. A couple of snogs and an kidnap by an ex does not a vacilliator make.

The problem with the whole show is that - apart from being ridiculous, mixes serious issue of beating up your girlfriend with silly things like an obsession with pigs. It can't decide what it is so ends up being pretty ridiculous.

Sam, well he is lovely. This is quite possibly his 'loveliest character' He is really sweet, I read on another website about how they enjoyed seeing Sam's bare feet - so if that floats your boat, there's a whole shot dedicated to bare feet. Personally - there are parts of a bloke far nicer than feet - yuk!

The best way to watch the show is with one finger on the fast forward button. We don't care about Poppy, but we do care about Victor, with his fish and his cardigans!