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Samuel West Page

KT gets all fangirly..... oh dear

Bear in mind it's past 2 and I can't sleep....
However, there are few things in life that reduce me to fangirly giggles. 'Girly' is not a guise i go by.
Saying that, I did just get toecurlingly fangirly about King Caspian. The show (infact the whole boxset) really makes me smile. But watching it today really made me go all sam slushy. The hair, the tights and the cute little smile and his general loviness as the youthful King.
Oh Sam! "Save your energy to fight enemies, not friends" He's just so perfect as Caspian. I've been in love with this series all my life, which makes Sam my first 'crush' before I knew what a 'crush was!
I think it installed a love of curly hair at an early age though...

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