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Timothy West

The Day I met Timothy West


So i was sat in the Royal Exchange Theatre with my friend Rachel minding my own business (well, actually probably just being silly) when out of the corner of my eye someone walked from the studio to the box office (if you know the theatre...) I did a triple take
Me: that's Timothy West
Rachel: Who?
Me: Erm (wracking my braining to think of what she's know him from and failing) you know the curly haired actor i keep going on about
Rachel: (not sure) Yeah
Me: His DAD!!!!
Rachel: Oh!
By this time Tim has dissappeared up the stairs to the mens loos. i know employ Rachel as a look out. If he comes down the stairs and keeps going. He'll be out the door and in St Annes sqaure before i can reach him. If he turns back on himself I can nip round the corner and get him by the bar.
To my immense joy he does the latter.
And he is lovely!! he's so kind and sweet! I said i was sorry to bother him and he signed a page of my notebook. (asking my name as well!!) And i told him how fantastic he was as Lear, to which he was very appriciative.
when i got back to my seat I was SO smiley and shakey that Rachel thought i was a bit bonkers... I've treasured the autograph ever since.

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