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Samuel West Page

You Know you're obsessed when...

You watch a costume drama and condemn the leading man for not being Sam.


You have learnt SO much about Nazi Germany, through listening to his numerous narration on history shows.


You're still giggling at his drunk scene in Over Here


You're jealous of that stupid princess woman in 'The Dawn Treader' cos Caspian loves her.


You explain to everyone that even though his mum and dad are who they are he's still a fantastic actor.


You scan ebay for Sam related things (that you can afford)


You curse the BBC for not having A Sam West Night


Art really isn't your thing, but Private Life of a Masterpiece is rated as essential viewing. 


You nearly break your neck rushing home from work to phone the box office at Sheffield 'cos the tickets for 'Much Ado' are on sale.


The last two submitted by Elizabeth


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